Welcome to Baja Precious

Our company searches for, selects and acquires the finest extra virgin olive oils from qualified growers in the Peninsula of Baja California. We are committed to providing savvy and knowledgeable olive oil enthusiasts with exquisite, gourmet-quality, extra virgin olive oil at a great price.

Our Baja Precious™ brand is centered on the notion that healthy living and gourmet cooking must go hand-in-hand with environmental awareness and a strong social conscience. As such, the concept of sustainable development permeates our brand and is evident in our product, packaging and channel choices.

Did you know that the U.S. currenlty imports 99% of its olive oil? Although the vast majority of imported olive oil comes from countries in the Mediterranean, it also comes from places as far away as Australia, Chile and South Africa. That's quite a long way for your olive oil to travel.

Our Olive Oil

Baja Precious™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is produced exclusively in Baja California. It is therefore closer to home and fresher than comparable gourmet-quality olive oils from the Mediterranean. Our olives are harvested manually by members of local communities, thereby providing a valuable source of income for hundreds of families. Our olives are first cold pressed, which means they are milled within a few hours of harvesting solely through mechanical means and without applying additional heat or chemicals. The result is an exceptional, all natural, gourmet-quality olive oil with very low acidity (0.2% or less) that easily exceeds international standards for "extra virgin".

Our "Green" Bottle

Our unique 750ml Bordeaux-style bottle is lightweight, shatterproof, 100% recyclable and requires a lot less energy to produce, transport and recycle than glass. Our bottle is green, both literally and figuratively, as it allows us to ship olive oil at the lowest possible cost while passing on big savings to the consumer.

Originally developed for the wine industry, our bottle is protected by special UV and oxygen barriers that shield our olive oil from the elements and give it an extended shelf life, comparable to that of a glass bottle. This is how we bring you delicious, gourmet-quality olive oil at a great price, while we reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to preserve the environment.

The Perfect Pour

Our bottle is equipped with a convenient and innovative pouring spout that pops up when the screw cap is removed, and retracts when the cap is replaced. Get the perfect pour every time!

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